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LiqCakes Bakery Team

Liqcakes came from a simple idea. The idea of mixing together two things that bring comfort, cake and Liquor, and making something great. Our family bakery,  embodies this ideology and infuses it into every thing we bake. The premium Liqueurs and brews we use in our baking process are purposefully chosen to enhance the flavors and notes of each individual LiqCakes cake and baked product. Placing an order today will put you a step closer to the LiqCakes experience, tickling your senses as you anticipate that first bite of your tantalizing, moist, and rich infused cake. As a family owned and operated bakery, LiqCakes offers liquor infused goods and so much more. We use family recipes, wholesome ingredients, and Atlanta's Best home grown products to make your pastry experience truly exceptional. The complete satisfaction of you, our customers is our ultimate goal and we are determined beyond all else to continue to strive towards that goal, with the highest quality products we can bake. Thank you so much for choosing LiqCakes Bakery!

Renee Hope

Founder, Grandmother, and Baker Extraordinaire!

Dre David

Great baker, even better Father!

Leila Hope

Deserves an award for her fried fish and for being the world's best Mom!

Denise Willis-Staley

Star baker, cool Aunt! Trying to convince her to start making her world famous potato-salad for "After Praise Graze"

Vincent Willis

Uncle Vincent makes the best darn, fall off the bone, barbecue ribs that you will ever taste in your life! 

Jasmine Hope

I take care of the marketing and research. I like to also think of myself as an excellent taste-tester!

Armani Hope

My little-big brother. Armani takes care of advertising and helps with bakery operations.

Alexis Webster

Assists with any and everything we need. Amazing family-friend!

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